Kitchen Interior Photographs for Greenbank Millwork – Broomall, PA

Craftsmanship & Quality

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph another stunning kitchen for Greenbank Millwork. Todd Hillard’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is unbelievable, and it’s often challenging to find one angle that incorporates all of the design elements at once. In this case, I had seen the drawings and a few phone snaps in advance, and had a pretty good idea of the flow and functionality of the kitchen going into the day. There were a lot of design elements that are rare even for a highly tailored kitchen, including custom hardware, so it was important to show those personal touches at the same time. For the amount of intentional time that goes into the design, fabrication, finishing, and installation, it’s paramount that image quality matches and accurately represents the high degree of quality craftsmanship.

Photography Approach

Ideally, kitchens should relatively new when photographed, but having a few elements of life certainly helps add to the narrative. Todd’s design sense always comes through when staging a kitchen and most times we won’t have even discuss a visual idea that we’re both working on together. Organics always bring added warmth to a space, and less is usually more so as not to overpower or distract from the finer details. We both value simplicity and that is often difficult to find at the right balance.

Technical Details

This kitchen took half a day to photograph from staging to the final frame, which was relatively quick but everything went smoothly. I’ve been working on a new technique to bring out greater detail in wood grains and am pleased with the results from this kitchen. I was photographing tethered into the computer to provide instant image results on a 13″ display as opposed to just looking at the camera’s LCD. For both tethered capture and for post-production, I used Capture One Pro 10 imaging software to color correct and for any minor lens perspective adjustments. The kitchen is in daily use and was cleaned the day prior which helped minimize retouching.