Round Swamp Farm – A Nostalgic Trip to the Quaint Farm Market

Head down Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton, NY, and you’ll come across a quaint country market famous for their sweet baked goods, fresh seafood, produce, and delightful prepared foods. Round Swamp Farm is a completely nostalgic experience, the kind of place that harkens back to a time where homesteading and community intersected at a roadside stand. Recognized for their family roots deep in framing and fishing, Round Swamp is a national bicentennial farm, as their family has cultivated the same land for over two hundred years.  That experience in the community adds up, and from chowder muffins, everything here is a win. Lisa’s Brownies and their chicken salads are particular standouts, easily the best I’ve ever had anywhere of each variety. Coming from Lancaster County, our standards here for fresh foods, baked goods and quality produce are remarkably high, yet Round Swamp Farm didn’t disappoint.

If you get a chance to visit Round Swamp Farm, make the trip! If not, check out the photographs here for the next best thing.