Conversation, Integrity For the Craft of Professional Photography

As an introvert, for better or worse, I am often the most energized keeping to myself, nose to the grindstone, improving my work. However, one of a multitude of solutions to the erosion of the craft of photography is for professionals to talk discuss it publicly. It’s more available/expected than ever, and valued less than ever. That also means quality communication, doing everything well, matters more now than ever.

Photographers need to educate up and coming photographers to charge appropriately for their work, not to devalue the craft and never to give it away just for a few bucks, if any, or the “exposure.” That can become a necessary evil when things get tight, a reciprocating problem, because the masses expect it, but for the integrity of the craft, the answer must be no. 

Owning a business is complex, expensive, and a whole life commitment, something extremely different from simply owning a DSLR camera. If you participate in this craft photographing for others and it is not your primary means of putting food on the table for your family, this is a conversation you need to be a part of. The craft commands it, your work commands it, and so do those you photograph for.

This article by Danielle Jackson speaks a lot of truth about the realities of professional photography.

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