Round Swamp Farm – A Nostalgic Trip to the Quaint Farm Market

Head down Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton, NY, and you’ll come across a quaint country market famous for their sweet baked goods, fresh seafood, produce, and delightful prepared foods. Round Swamp Farm is a completely nostalgic experience, the kind of place that harkens back to a time where homesteading and community intersected at a roadside stand. Recognized for their family roots deep in framing and fishing, Round Swamp is a national bicentennial farm, as their family has cultivated the same land for over two hundred years.  That experience in the community adds up, and from chowder muffins, everything here is a win. Lisa’s Brownies and their chicken salads are particular standouts, easily the best I’ve ever had anywhere of each variety. Coming from Lancaster County, our standards here for fresh foods, baked goods and quality produce are remarkably high, yet Round Swamp Farm didn’t disappoint.

If you get a chance to visit Round Swamp Farm, make the trip! If not, check out the photographs here for the next best thing.

Kitchen Interior Photographs for Greenbank Millwork – Broomall, PA

Craftsmanship & Quality

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph another stunning kitchen for Greenbank Millwork. Todd Hillard’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is unbelievable, and it’s often challenging to find one angle that incorporates all of the design elements at once. In this case, I had seen the drawings and a few phone snaps in advance, and had a pretty good idea of the flow and functionality of the kitchen going into the day. There were a lot of design elements that are rare even for a highly tailored kitchen, including custom hardware, so it was important to show those personal touches at the same time. For the amount of intentional time that goes into the design, fabrication, finishing, and installation, it’s paramount that image quality matches and accurately represents the high degree of quality craftsmanship.

Photography Approach

Ideally, kitchens should relatively new when photographed, but having a few elements of life certainly helps add to the narrative. Todd’s design sense always comes through when staging a kitchen and most times we won’t have even discuss a visual idea that we’re both working on together. Organics always bring added warmth to a space, and less is usually more so as not to overpower or distract from the finer details. We both value simplicity and that is often difficult to find at the right balance.

Technical Details

This kitchen took half a day to photograph from staging to the final frame, which was relatively quick but everything went smoothly. I’ve been working on a new technique to bring out greater detail in wood grains and am pleased with the results from this kitchen. I was photographing tethered into the computer to provide instant image results on a 13″ display as opposed to just looking at the camera’s LCD. For both tethered capture and for post-production, I used Capture One Pro 10 imaging software to color correct and for any minor lens perspective adjustments. The kitchen is in daily use and was cleaned the day prior which helped minimize retouching.

Refocused Brand Marketing Online – Jordan Bush Photography

For a long time, I had been marketing my work with one website, showcase all of my work at one address. Despite being organized, I always had this nagging denial that the old site lacked a specific target audience. My work is a tremendous reflection of me, and I felt removing a genre to gain focus would discount rather than strengthen. The creative in me wasn’t ok with that, and I’ve always felt each genre sharpens my skill set, and that benefits every project. A quick example of that is using a remote camera triggered by my primary camera, so I can be in two places at once. That’s a sports photojournalism technique that now benefits business events and wedding ceremonies that I cover. Do many photographers do that? Nope. Is it a huge benefit that clients usually learn about only after production? Yes. So how does that translate value online?

Consistent adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving, are the measures of what defines a professional photographer, but that isn’t a brand strategy. Clients search for a solution to meet their needs, not the methods and correlating quality that those needs are met at. After receiving some excellent input from a friend and colleague, I realized building dedicated websites for each area of my work was actually prioritizing each niche. I wish I had made a marketing move sooner.

Look at the Big Picture

Originally I wasn’t thinking big enough, stuck in familiar marketing practices that needed to grow with me. Boiling everything down, my photography work focuses on two main categories: commercial, and photojournalism photography. Commercial production is highly technical in execution, from food & beverage to product, portraits, transportation, centered around serving small to medium businesses (for now). My photojournalism work covers sports, events, politics, social issues, and includes writing, adding value to publishers. Wedding photography has a super-specific audience and is the smallest element of my lineup. So how do I organize & present all of that while considering form & function?

Reorganizing Web Content & Avoiding Broken Links

Before touching a computer, I grabbed a few sheets of paper and a pencil. I outlined structures for four websites, determining a singular focus for each and organizing menus. New websites would be built for photojournalism and wedding work, while would be overhauled focusing exclusively on commercial photography. I outlined domain names for each and essentially drafted blueprints for rebranding. To pull everything together, I created a landing page at It’s ridiculously simple, I don’t expect to get any SEO help out of it, but it adds a lot of value to the user experience. It is also the domain I’ve used on all of my printed & digital marketing materials, as well as word processing templates for estimates, quotes, etc.

JBP-Landing-Page-Lancaster-PA-Photographer-1024x716 Refocused Brand Marketing Online - Jordan Bush Photography

What Are the Web Hosting & Domain Logistics of Rebranding?

For how my work is now structured, four domains were required to have one for each dedicated website. Surprisingly, was also available and is now set up to point to my wedding site. For just a few extra bucks a month, a deluxe web hosting plan allows for unlimited site hosting and is easier to manage than four separate hosting plans. That enabled me to create sites freely with an additional hosting cost of less than a latte every month.  It is remarkably simple to set up, and you can designate the root folder that contains each websites’ files, delivering a clean web address unattached to the other sites. From there, I handled all of my own web design work which was in the neighborhood of 100 extremely focused (obsessive) hours in just over a week. Yeah. I learned quite a lot and in the future, if I want to add another website, all I need to do is register a domain and everything is in place to start creating content online.

Commercial-Photography-Page-Lancaster-PA-Photographer-Jordan-Bush-192x300 Refocused Brand Marketing Online - Jordan Bush PhotographyWedding-Page-Lancaster-PA-Photographer-Jordan-Bush-Photography-192x300 Refocused Brand Marketing Online - Jordan Bush PhotographyPhotojournalism-Page-Lancaster-PA-Photographer-Jordan-Bush-Photography-192x300 Refocused Brand Marketing Online - Jordan Bush Photography










Pro Tip: Migrating Blog Posts for Optimal Marketing

I’m using WordPress, and really looked forward to having dedicated blogs for each area of my work. WordPress has an exporter which allows you to export & import blog entries by Category, and handle all media as a separate export/import. I had to break down each export into smaller timeframes given the sheer volume of photographs I post. After copying posts to the new sites where they belonged, old entries needed to be individually archived and connected to each new blog entry with a permanent 301 redirect so there were no broken links in separating things out. Plugins will help you accomplish both tasks, and it is as tedious as it sounds. Multiple computer displays will help your cause. Search engines love content, and anyone who previously had a blog post link can still access it only on a new, refocused website. The alternative is to leave the old posts as they are which is confusing or delete them leaving broken links everywhere, which Google will not appreciate.

Why Do All That Work?

After years of experience photographing, each category (and I’m thankful for this) was deep enough to warrant its own independent website. Focusing your brand messages to readers, followers, and clients, allows you to speak to a specific audience with precision. SEO, the written copy, visual content, the topics discussed, are all directed at a person you can identify. Plus, the more specific your audience, the more of an expert you become, and the less competition you have. Executing commercial photography itself is an investment, usually involving more planning and equipment than folks anticipate. When you make that commitment, remember that beautiful, highly communicative photographs work best on websites that also work for your brand. Before you start your project, ask yourself how your photographs will be used, and your messages will be consistent the whole way through.

To discuss your commercial project ideas, contact Jordan here. If you want to learn more about maximizing the value of your commercial photographs, check out this post.

How to Get Added Marketing Value From Your Commercial Photographs

If you prioritize high quality in your business, chances are you equally appreciate value. Effective photography campaigns are a significant investment by everyone involved, and we’re not just talking about the tens of thousands of dollars of camera gear we’ll utilize. The potential opportunities that could be created for your business through top-tier communication could be huge; not taking it seriously (and creatively) could cost you. If you’re coordinating a marketing project, it will also require some time on behalf of you and your staff, which directly correlates with what you’ll get out of it. What can you do to add exceptional marketing value for your investment and see new growth for your brand?

Remember That Your Website is Your Digital Storefront

I’ll repeat it, because it’s that important: your website is your digital storefront. First impressions leave a lasting impression, and your website might be the first interaction potential clients and customers have with your business. The majority of consumers use their smartphone to research and purchase online, so having a responsive, mobile friendly website is critical. From the era of the phone book, how and what information we can access online is extremely dynamic, up to date, and a main driver for consumer purchase decisions. You might have world-class products and services but lose customers simply because they can’t find the information they need on your website.

Customers expect quality data, convenience in finding it which includes fast load times, and they are incredibly informed. I have often left a brick & mortar store to make a purchase elsewhere, paying more for a better item, because of higher quality photographs, information, and reviews, providing effective communication online. Everyone with a smart phone in his or her pocket carries the power to learn everything you want them to know about your brand. It’s up to you to present that information well and stand out effectively.

Having a well designed website paired with eye catching images that communicate your message effectively is the best combination to engage new clientele. Beautiful, high quality images capture attention; when they’re sending the right signals, they’ll better help you sell, and I can help you with that.

advertising-editorial-commercial-product-tech-electronics-tools-photography-lancaster-pa-jordan-bush-photography-1-1024x682 How to Get Added Marketing Value From Your Commercial Photographs

advertising-editorial-commercial-product-tech-electronics-tools-photography-lancaster-pa-jordan-bush-photography-3-1024x685 How to Get Added Marketing Value From Your Commercial Photographs

Build a Working Archive of Marketing Photographs

When you hire a professional commercial photographer, think of additional projects you can have photographed for future uses. No one has ever told me they regret having great content, but I do sometimes hear regret for saying no to more. Having more photographs in an archive means your business will have more opportunity to promote itself with a consistent story, message, quality, and aesthetic. Investing in multi-day projects will provide more opportunity for more dynamic content, deeper storytelling, seasonal diversity… the list goes on and on. You don’t have to implement all of your new photographs immediately; if all of your business marketing needs are met, extra content will help keep things fresh in the future.
Commercial-Photography-Image-Archive-For-Multiple-Marketing-Uses-Jordan-Bush How to Get Added Marketing Value From Your Commercial Photographs

I’m on the Marketing Committee for Rafiki Africa Foundation, a non-profit based in Lancaster & Kenya that provides education for severely impoverished children and training to empower women. I have built an extensive archive of photographs from multiple, month long travels throughout Kenya, literally thousands of finished photographs, yet there are never too many. A specific marketing need always arises and if it’s in the archive, awesome. If not, the answer  isn’t as simple as having a local photoshoot on a Tuesday as it would be for your business.

Look for Added Value Through Utility

Finding new and multiple uses for photographs is one of the best ways to make your commercial photographs work for you. Social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Indeed, those are are low hanging fruit. Look beyond that and see how you connect with clients, partners, and your industry as a whole. Trade shows & publications, editorials in local news releases or magazine articles, promotional mailers, newsletters, calendars, and of course, your website, are other opportunities to consider. Creating a wide variety of photographs means you’ll be able to apply fresh content to relevant uses without overuse.

Planning & Layout

If you are coming into a commercial photoshoot for your business, make it a priority. Organizing staff schedules, considering logistics and any preparations that need to be made, all maximize productivity while photographing. Think about how and where the photographs will be used. Talk with your print and web designers, see what they need. Will these photographs need to fit known or unknown uses, including  size constraints and a list of communications? Who maintains the company blog? Talk with them about what they’re planning to publish and see what images they can utilize. This is a chance to create consistent, high quality, targeted visual messages across all of your marketing channels, don’t sell your company short. From a layout perspective, photographing to fit a known space or having negative space to accommodate text/copy will also benefit your uses greatly.

Location Scouting

For more in depth projects, taking time to location scout together is a great opportunity to discuss plans. Together we can evaluate challenges, develop concepts, set solid expectations and determine mutual priorities ahead of time. The investment in scouting is nominal compared to the benefits you receive: improved productivity and superb results.

Screen-Shot-2017-02-14-at-2.40.32-PM-1024x617 How to Get Added Marketing Value From Your Commercial Photographs

Make It Happen

Learning your story, the nuances of your business, industry, your staff and the community you serve, will be the starting point for me as a photographer to align with your brand. We will determine what it is you need to say and how to communicate that message in an intentional, creative way. If you have a commercial project you are considering, contact Jordan to discuss creative possibilities to help you grow your business.

Alure Salon Commercial Photography – Business Services, Location, & Employee Portraits

Photographing for Alure Salon in Lancaster, PA, is the perfect example of how a growing small business can maximize professional commercial photography. Alure had hired a number of new employees and never had professional portraits made in the past. They also recently moved to a new location, which served as yet another catalyst for needing new visual content.

After a day of photographing, their quality services are now updated for their website, Facebook page, Instagram feed, email newsletters. Customers are more informed about where to physically go at their new location, the staff who will be there to assist them, what to expect, and the types of services available to them. Promotions and updates have a professional, upscale look, better reflecting Alure’s brand. As you can imagine, having a team of stylists to photograph was wonderful, but even when that isn’t the case, these images represent the quality communication I would expect to achieve.

On the technical side, I used a two light setup to create these headshots using a wide variety of light modifiers. A Nikon D4 with an 85mm f/1.4 lens was hand held. The lights themselves were Nikon SB900 flashes triggered by Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 radio transceivers.

Capture One Pro Ten Blog

2016 was the year I finally jumped head first into Capture One Pro as my primary workflow management and color correction software. It’s been fantastic and one of my focuses has been on educating photographs of the many benefits this software can provide. My clients have seen a noticeable improvement in image quality at a very high level. When travel is not a factor, my wedding turnaround over the last few years is about a week (you read that right) and has been held pretty close to that standard despite the learning curve and while having deeper adjustment control for each image. Disclaimer: I never quote that duration, but consistently that is my personal goal without cutting quality.

Jordan-Bush-Photography-Capture-One-Pro-10-Tutorial-Aperture-Switch-Blog-1024x576 Capture One Pro Ten BlogCapture One asked me to write a couple of posts for their blog on the experiences shifting from Aperture to Capture One Pro, as well as beta testing the latest features available in Capture One Pro 10. Coming from Apple, not only as a pro photographer, but formerly an Apple Trainer with Pro Certifications including Aperture, it took a lot for me to let go of what I knew to learn something truly better. These resources will hopefully help you and others learn more about photography workflows and color corrections:

Switching to Capture One Pro From Aperture – Photography Workflow can be found here.


Confessions of a Beta Tester: Capture One Pro 10 Review can be found here.

Another resource that made transition simpler are the Capture One webinars hosted by the incredibly knowledgable David Grover. I have the opportunity to present a Maximizing Catalog Organization webinar along with David on Thursday, January 14, 2017 at 4:30 AM and 11 AM ET (European & American audiences alike). This is a topic I live in and am quite passionate about in Capture One Pro 10, always learning more and hoping to share some of what I’ve picked up over the years teaching photography workflow concepts to photographers, as well as managing my own.

You can sign up for the free webinar here. Hope to see you there!


Save 10% when buying or upgrading to Capture One Pro 10 for Mac & PC via the Phase One Online Store using the promo code AMBUSH at checkout.

Home Interior Photographs: Contemporary Remodel Photographed for Glenn Gingrich, Inc.

Home Interior Photographs: Contemporary Billiard Room & Bathroom Remodel. Designed by and photographed for Glenn Gingrich, Inc. Photographed by Jordan Bush Photography.