Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lancaster County – Men Cooking from the Heart 2016, photographed by Jordan Bush Photography. Cinematography by Deep Focus Pictures.

For the last two years, I’ve had the privilege of photographing for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lancaster County at their annual Men Cooking from the Heart with cinematography coverage provided by Jonathan Tirrell of Deep Focus Pictures. This year, the sold out event offered a lot of great food for a fantastic cause. Guests in attendance can sample food prepared by cooks donating their time to prepare approximately 30 unique, and often cultural, small dishes. Guests have the opportunity to vote for their favorite with donations for BBBS and it is a lot of fun.

Jonathan created two films in anticipation, following a Big and Little in each film to show what Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about. Check out some of the photographs and the excellent stories created by Deep Focus Pictures below. Hope to see you there in 2017!


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Tami & Beth from Deep Focus Pictures.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Jesse & Seth from Deep Focus Pictures.

Best Photographs of 2015 – Jordan Bush Photography

At the start of 2016, a new year approaches, which will be sure to bring new adventures, stories, challenges, and photographs. Throughout the year, I’m always looking closely at individual images and projects, and find tremendous value in looking back at the greater picture, considering the forrest and not only the trees. It helps to get a sense of what I’m most proud of, the work that has been accomplished, lives that have been touched, the stories that have been captured, and where I can improve. Perhaps most of all, it underscores the amazing people and places I’ve gotten to visit throughout the year. 2016 will have just as many of those, and for that I’m grateful. Thanks to all who made 2015 a great year, and to those along for the ride this year!

Jordan-Bush-Photography-Best-of-2016 Best Photographs of 2015 - Jordan Bush Photography

Transportation Commercial Photography – Earl R Martin, Inc.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the great privilege of photographing for a great company in the transportation industry, Earl R. Martin, Inc. This year marked ERM’s 50th anniversary and they set out to create a completely new website to tell their story.

Going into our first meeting, it became remarkably clear the desire was to surpass expected imagery by including human elements and story. We wanted to take big visual risks and knew that included photographing at night for an even more unique feel and message. Each division (Propane, Petroleum, Dry Bulk, Towing + Repair)  has its own unique characteristics and personality which I wanted to present dynamically to viewers. Each division needed a hero shot as well as a full visual story, adding to the overall ERM story while representing the entire fleet in a meaningful way. They wanted the fleet shot to really pack a punch and the bar was set high. As a child, I remember Hess Trucks at Christmas, and the emotional connection that held to so many; replicating that feel became the focus. Earl, Sr., lead the way in founding the nearby truck stop Martin’s Trailside Express, which would serve as the perfect visual setting for the fleet by adding deeper context to the scene.  We worked with partnering vendors to utilize real locations, most of which were scouted ahead of time planning around delivery schedules & equipment services, weather, lighting, Daylight Saving, and seasonal demands.

ERM has enough new content to utilize for their business that they’ve saved some of the strongest future updates to their website and other uses. As a more unique request, there is the potential for one of the photographs to occupy an entire wall of their shop in vinyl print, so detail at an extreme level was an additional consideration, while also composing for specific & unknown placements. After months of planning and production, their website is now live. Head on over and check it out, I am very proud of what we accomplished together, and even more humbled by the involvement, trust, integrity, and creativity offered by all those at Earl R. Martin, Inc. They care a great deal about quality, service, relationships, and craftsmanship, and that is evident in all they do.

ERM-Old-Website Transportation Commercial Photography - Earl R Martin, Inc.

Commercial-Photography-for-Website-Jordan-Bush Transportation Commercial Photography - Earl R Martin, Inc.

Happy Back to the Future Day!

Happy Back to the Future Day from Jordan Bush Photography!

Analog Photographs & Analog Beer – Dogfish Head Brewery

Earlier this year, I took a tour of Dogfish Head’s brewery in Milton, Delaware. It was the second time I had done so and the first with a camera. DFH has long been an advocate of all things analog, including events such as Analog-A-Go-Go, a vinyl swap meet and beer tasting, and Vintage Vinyl, a monthly happy hour at the brewery spinning vinyl records. Dogfish Head has a lot to show off and photographing the brewery in film was an obvious choice for as someone who works heavily in the medium, both in 35mm and 6×4.5 cm medium formats. I opted for the smooth grain Kodak TMAX 400 black & white film. The film scans came back at an enormous 30 megapixels and were downsized so they actually load on the blog.

If you haven’t visited the brewery, you owe it to yourself to do so. The tour is free but bring cash for “Beer Centric food” at their food truck, Bunyan’s Lunch Box and wear closed toed shoe for the factory. Plan to get there early and stay late for  amazing beers and perusing their sweet gift shop after. Dogfish Head has an expanded distillery that should now be open and I hope to return to check that out.

Analog Photographs & Analog Beer – Dogfish Head Brewery in 35mm Kodak TMAX 400 black & white film by Jordan Bush Photography.