Alure Salon Commercial Photography – Business Services, Location, & Employee Portraits

Photographing for Alure Salon in Lancaster, PA, is the perfect example of how a growing small business can maximize professional commercial photography. Alure had hired a number of new employees and never had professional portraits made in the past. They also recently moved to a new location, which served as yet another catalyst for needing new visual content.

After a day of photographing, their quality services are now updated for their website, Facebook page, Instagram feed, email newsletters. Customers are more informed about where to physically go at their new location, the staff who will be there to assist them, what to expect, and the types of services available to them. Promotions and updates have a professional, upscale look, better reflecting Alure’s brand. As you can imagine, having a team of stylists to photograph was wonderful, but even when that isn’t the case, these images represent the quality communication I would expect to achieve.

On the technical side, I used a two light setup to create these headshots using a wide variety of light modifiers. A Nikon D4 with an 85mm f/1.4 lens was hand held. The lights themselves were Nikon SB900 flashes triggered by Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 radio transceivers.

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