Lancaster County Magazine’s Foodographer

Culinary Adventures Through My Lens

Published monthly in Lancaster County Magazine, below are links and PDFs to view all Foodographer articles. Written and photographed by Jordan Bush, the column seeks to encourage readers to elevate their culinary experiences, share community around food, and is rooted in the rich heritage of Lancaster County. The column launched after Jordan and his fiancé took cooking classes for a year, in a thus far successful attempt to better cooperate in the kitchen. Special thanks to Editor Sue Long and Creative Director Ashley Kendrick-Kennedy for making this content possible.

Popcorn – A Worldwide Obsession” – August 2020 – View PDF
Popcorn_Farming_Pandemic_Movie_Night_Lancaster_County_Magazine_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography Foodographer Column


Taco Night at Chilango’s” – August 2020 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Food_Editorial_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Chilangos_Taco_Night Foodographer Column

Tomato Time” – July 2020 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Food_Editorial_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Tomato_Time Foodographer Column

Dining Out Around the Campfire” – June 2020 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Food_Editorial_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Camping Foodographer Column

Mail Order Mud Bugs” – May 2020 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Food_Editorial_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Crawfish Foodographer Column

It’s Getting Easier to be Green” – April 2020 – View PDF
Reusable_Grocery_Bags_Go_Green_Single_Use_Plastics_Jordan_Bush Foodographer Column

Coffee Shop Etiquette” – March 2020 – View PDF
Coffee_Shop_Etiquette_Working_From_Cafes_Jordan_Bush_Photography Foodographer Column

Maple Sugar Time” – February 2020 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Column_Food_Foodographer_Maple_Syrup_Sugar_Jordan_Bush_Photography Foodographer Column

Sauerkraut” – January 2020 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Column_Food_Foodographer_Sauerkraut_Jordan_Bush_Photography Foodographer Column

Holiday Baking with Infused Olive Oils” – December 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Holiday_Baking_Infused_Olive_Oils Foodographer Column

Chef José Andrés” – November 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Chef_José_Andrés Foodographer Column

Going Dutch” – October 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Dutch_Ovens Foodographer Column

A is for Apple” – September 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Apples Foodographer Column

Beekeeping” – August 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Beekeeping Foodographer Column

Hot Diggity Dog” – July 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Hot_Dogs Foodographer Column

Amaro: A Bittersweet Adventure” – June 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Amaro Foodographer Column

Jams and Jellies” – May 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Jam Foodographer Column

Sushi” – April 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_Commercial_Photographer_Food_Sushi_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_1 Foodographer Column

Fasnachts … Heavenly Deliciousness” – March 2019 – View PDF
Foodographer_Fastnachts_Lancaster_Food_Photographer_Commercial_Jordan_Bush_Photography_1 Foodographer Column

A Winter’s Sojourn to Vietnam” – February 2019 – View PDF
Food_Photographer_Jordan_Bush_Lancaster_County_Magazine_PA_Pho_Vietnamese_Soup_1 Foodographer Column

Kitchen Essentials” – January 2019 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Food_Column_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Kitchen_Essentials_1 Foodographer Column

Holiday Spirits” – December 2018 – View PDF
lancaster_county_magazine_food_whiskey_foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_1 Foodographer Column

Coffee Break” – November 2018 – View PDF
lancaster_county_magazine_food_foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_1 Foodographer Column

A Day Spent in Italy” – October 2018 – View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Foodographer_Column_Writer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Italy_1 Foodographer Column

Putting Up the Harvest” – September 2018 – View PDF
LCM_Foodographer_Column_Foodie_Canning_Jordan_Bush_Photography_1 Foodographer Column

Backyard Chickens” – August 2018 – View PDF
2018.08_LCM_Foodographer_Backyard_Chickens Foodographer Column

Fire and Smoke” – July 2018 –View PDF
Lancaster_County_Magazine_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Food_Photographer_Grilling_Fire_Cooking Foodographer Column

Wood-Fired Pizza at Home” – June 2018 – View PDF
CM_Lancaster_County_Magazine_Foodographer_Photographer_Food_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Wood_Fired_Pizza_2 Foodographer Column

Add Some Spice and Herbs to Your Meals” – May 2018 – View PDF
LCM_Lancaster_County_Magazine_Foodographer_Photographer_Food_Jordan_Bush_Photography_Herbs_1 Foodographer Column

Moving the Party Outdoors” – April 2018 –
View PDF
LCM_Foodographer_Lancaster_Count_Magazine_Jordan_Bush_Moving_The_Party_Outdoors_1 Foodographer Column

Cooking With Cast Iron ” – March 2018 – View PDF

LCM_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Cast_Iron Foodographer Column

Mardi Gras!” – February 2018 – View PDF
LCM_Foodographer_Jordan_Bush_Mardi_Gras Foodographer Column